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Jiangmen Ronglong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a plastic manufacturer specializing in polymer material glass fiber reinforcement, environmental protection and flame retardant, toughening and cold resistance, plastic alloy, antistatic, conductive and other plastic modification manufacturers, and a plastic manufacturer integrating plastic R & D, production, sales, technology and after-sales service. In Ronglong, it has a group of high-quality talents engaged in plastic modification, R & D, production, quality control, marketing, technology and after-sales service. Its products include glass fiber reinforced series, environmental protection and flame-retardant series, toughening and cold resistant series, and plastic alloy series, which are widely used in electronic, photoelectric, communication, home appliances, building materials, lighting, military, automobile and other industrial fields.

Strictly control and test product quality
Now we have brand-new production equipment, strict management system, wholehearted technical service and continuous improvement of quality management concept. We have experienced team to strictly control the quality of testing products to ensure the quality of products.
Perfect pre-sale and after-sale tracking service
Ronglong has been adhering to the business policy of "good research and development, quality, service, credit and value", in order to deeply plant the market, strengthen the service, and continuously expand the sales base at home and abroad. To establish a more rapid product supply network.

Three advantages of Ronglong new materials


Rich experience and strong strength
Focus on the polymer material glass fiber reinforced, environmentally friendly flame retardant, toughening and cold resistant, plastic alloy, antistatic, conductive and other plastic modification manufacturers, set plastic research and development, production, sales, technology and after-sales service in one of the plastic manufacturers.
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